Red Sappers fall to Mainz III 14-17

Red Sappers fall to Mainz III 14-17

On last sunday, the 11th of june, the Red Sappers travelled to Mainz, playing against their 3rd team at the Baseball stadium, where the 1st team of the Mainz Athletics plays german Bundesliga.

In a 30 degree heat, the A's, favorite for the league title, startet very quick into the game and took a 3-0 lead into the 3rd Inning. The Sappers Pitching was able to prevent them from scoring more points, in the same time, the offense of Dudelange was able to bring runners on base, but not home. The first points for the Sappers came in at the 5th Inning, when Mainz III was already in front 11-0. Lazo hammered the ball into deep right field for an RBI triple: 1-11. The next Batter, Ruben, was able to bring Lazo home with an RBI single: 2-11.

Everything seemed already decided at the end of the 6th Inning with a score of 2-14, but in the top half of the 7th Inning, the Sappers went wild, winning that Inning with 8 points to nothing. They won also the 8th Inning with 4-3 and egalized to 14-14 at one point. But it wasn't enough for turning the page: In the 9th, Mainz scored 3 more runs and won the game 17-14. Nevertheless, the Red Sappers sold themselve to a dear price.

On sunday, the 25th of june, the Sappers will face already another favorite team, playing against the Trier Cardinals on their home field at the Diedenhofener Strasse.

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