The Red Sappers Family

We are a baseball team from Dudelange, Luxembourg.

We want to make baseball well known in southern Luxembourg. Our members are from 14 until 40, any gender, any age can join our team. If you want fun and a relaxed ambiance, come and join our team. We enjoy playing Americas national pastime to the fullest!

We don't have our own field, yet we applied for it but the commune didn't grant us a playing field. The commune was in favor of a playing field but they said that they had no field available for us. We will apply until we will receive our own field.

Our practices are held on soccer fields (summer) and in gyms (winter).

We want to show the commune that we have a future in Dudelange and that it wouldn't be a bad investment for them to give us our own field. We constantly get new members and we are eager to have any new member.

We are participating in the BSFL Championship with the Red Sappers 1 and Red Sappers 2. The Red Sappers qualified for the BSFL finals the first time in 2011.

The Red Sappers also have one team participating in the Landesliga in Germany(SWBSV)

The Red Sappers are planning to open a Softball team in future. We just need enough interested people and a coach for such a team.

Moreover any financial help by anybody would be tremendous for us. Contact us if you want to support our club.

Go Sapp's!